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Estimates for 6 pieces or less are free.

We provide estimates for furniture that needs repair, restoration, or refinishing. Damages to furniture could be extreme, from a fire in your home, water damage, or just from the normal wear caused by time.

Estimates include the work description itemized on our letterhead. This is needed for insurance cases.

We respond to estimate requests with an estimate and terms in a few days.

Please Read Before You Write!

  • Describe furniture pieces one at a time.
  • Provide dimensions on pieces that require refinishing. Describe the details of damages.
  • Please attach photographs in a .jpg format. Provide one photograph that shows the entire piece and an additional photograph to show details of a repair or scratch.
  • Include your name, address and phone number in an email to Mark DeVito:

Furniture Repair Services

At Raphael’s Furniture Restoration, we specialize in the restoration of antique furniture and furnishings.

It does not have to be antique, we repair all kinds of furniture new & old.

We do not handle exterior furniture.

Stripping & Refinishing

All of our stripping is done by hand. Never dip stripping, which can lower the quality of wooden furniture.

We carefully strip antique furniture to protect the patina. We also can remove burns, rings and water marks.


When restoring a finish, that means that the existing finish is saved, prepare and more of the same type of finish is applied on top of the original finish. This can be done as long as the existing finish is not cracking or separating from the wood.


The lacquer we use is heat, water and alcohol resistant. Finishes are hand rubbed to feel smooth to the touch and polished to your desired sheen.

We also Lacquer Furniture to any Brand name color in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin & Dull Sheen’s. We only need to know The Brand Name, Color Name and Color Number to order.

Antique furniture is restored with shellac.

Matching colors & custom Colors.

Wax & Buffing.

French Polishing

French polishing is a wood finishing technique that enhances the look of your furniture.

Lacquer or shellac is mixed with a drop of oil into a very thin solution. The mixture is soaked up into a bun-shaped pad made from a cotton ball covered by a cotton cloth. The pad is streaked across the top of the table from one side to the other many times to build up the finish.

This process fills the pours and adds a luster. The finish can be rubbed to a satin luster or up to a higher gloss.


We repair all kinds of furniture repair services including but certainly not limited to:

  • Dining room chairs
  • Cracked table tops
  • Broken pedestals
  • Cracked veneer
  • Missing inlay
  • Damanged gold leaf frames
  • Wooden and gilt objects
  • Religious statues
  • Fine and antique furniture
  • Broken glass in the doors of secretary desks and china cabinets

Caning & Rushing

We offer machine caning, fiber rushing, hand caning and slat seat.

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