John Hoyt Stagecoach

The muslim completed

Muslim tacked around the back

Muslim tacked around driver door

Muslim tacked around door

A decision on the leather

Attempt to Save leather

Repairing window frames

Rear view of leather top

Hinge and spacer attached

The spacer attached

Roof Seperators

Window frame clamped

Close up of repair

Roofs pulled together

Metal Band Attached

Metal Band Attached to top

Window Caps

Leather completed

Window support restored

Front roof restored

Roof suported by webbing

Converted roof prepared for restoration

Window Support Prepared

Restoration of show wood edge

Repairing window ledge

Excess leather is trimmed off

Close up of front tack edge

Leather is tacked to the front roof

Leather prepared for upholstery

Canvas is tacked to the roof

Front section gets canvas

Splits on foor repaired

Front section ready for upholstery

The body restored

Front chassie sandblasted

Clamps on top of the coach

A crack in the window frame

Repairing a crack

Wedging the leather

Another view of the leather

Adjusting the leather

Repairs to the roof

Another view of the back

The leather is tacked

Hinge support holes

Holes cut into leather

The leather is put into position

Metal parts primed

Muslim tacked to shape

Top prepared for upholstery

Re-Webbed Corner Edge

Original webbing on back webbing

Jeff Sands

Repair to crack on the front top

Muslim pulled over back

Replaced Webbing

Wheel painted black

Stripped Wheels

Completed side area

Completed back

Window and webbing close

Back Window and webbing

Door and linckage

Linckage and step

Step down and linckage

Door Open Step down

Repaired Back

Tack edge on top

Pinstripping Mark

Repaired and clamped leather

Ivory Handles

Torn Corner in leather

Tear in leather

Leather on back

The nex set

Opening Announcment

Wheels Painting