Raphael’s overall rating from Angie’s List is an “A”.

“Wow!  I bought a scratched 3 legged desk at a local auction because I loved the design, brought it to Mark who, within a week, gave me the most beautiful piece of furniture back.

He showed me the beauty of the burled walnut grain and asked what color I wanted, when I hesitated and asked him for advice, he showed me what it would look like with different colors.

 The work performed was exquisite so I brought six different chairs in various stages of disrepair to be refinished and am absolutely thrilled with my, now, quite valuable pieces.

Mark spent time with me figuring out what I wanted and honestly, I have never been so happy with a furniture restorer.  I would like to add that his work, in my opinion, is museum quality so when/if our antique furniture is ever damaged I will bring the pieces to Raphael’s Furniture Restoration.”

Jacqueline D., client

“They are absolutely terrific. They couldn’t have been more nice, helpful or straight forward about pricing. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience with a company. I was ill at the time and they came to my home to restore the rest of the chairs and table. Their prices were very reasonable.”

Fredrick L., client

“Mark and his Dad at Raphael’s have been repairing and refinishing furniture for me for over 20 years. I now know that there is no other place to go!

My very last experience with Mark at Raphael’s was at least a year ago and related to the repair of the bed rails for one of a pair of vintage beds. The rails had cracked at the juncture of the head board to the rail. I took it to Mark who patched the wood, reattached the locking mechanism and added additional brackets to distribute the weight more evenly.

I moved recently (about 20 miles away) and one of the rails on the other bed cracked! I asked my new neighbors for recommendations for furniture repair. I was given a new name by several people; called him, received an estimate (which was much less than Mark’s), gave him the rail and waited for it’s return. It was returned as promised and reattached to the bed. The gentleman had just glued the wood pieces back together, but did nothing about the weight distribution.

Four months later, the rail broke again in the exact same spot….in the middle of the night with a guest on the bed asleep! I guess this is a “you get what you pay for” moment.

I have learned from this experience that Raphael’s is the only place to go for repairs on anything that is important to you because the work will be done properly.  Mark knows exactly what he is doing; he is a professional and very knowledgable about the antique and fine furniture world.”

Susan C., client

“…Your work is truly amazing. That Moses restoration really blew me away. So nice!”

Tracey A., Flea Market Flip contestant