Danersk Furniture

The History of the firm dates back to the early 1920’s. The respected company of Erskin and Danforth, Corporations, makers of fine custom furniture. Located at the corner of Pacific St. and Dock St. in Stamford CT. Today that building is known as 1 Dock St. In its heyday, the large and successful manufacturer employed more than 300 workers, many of them were highly skilled carvers and cabinet makers recruited from Europe. Their passage to the U.S, from England, Scotland, and Italy was paid by the Erskin-Danforth  and their recruitment ensured quality craftsmanship for the furniture.

The great depression of 1929 wiped the company out, but it was subsequently re-formed on a smaller scale as Danersk Craftsmen.

It was at this point where the Ralph DeVito The founder of Raphael’s Furniture comes into the picture. Young he started as a mill right, lugging timer and worked his way up to cabinet maker and then foreman.

When Danersk was closing in 1952, while the building was being emptied of equipment and stock, Ralph DeVito noticed the office being emptied and box’s being tossed out in the trash, he was able to pull out and save some items. Some of the items he saved was a stack of Artist hand sketches of each piece they made, 8 x 10 photos of each piece, blue prints, salesman catalogs, advertising, furniture photo cards, price lists, finishing formulas, franchise applications and sales theory’s.

This Danersk Furniture information is all that is left of a great company. Check back, This section is currently under construction and I will be adding more and more and maybe you will find information on that Danersk piece that you have found. Thank you. Mark DeVito

Danersk Craftsmen

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